SIZE: Image size is 11x15" paper size is 16.5 x 11.7". "Art the Clown" was originally created in 2018 and is pastels on (8.27 × 11.69") paper. ----------------------------------------------------------- Printed on Silk/Matt - Revive Laser 300gsm 100% Recycled paper made in Australia using archival inks. Signed but not numbered. For the longest life-span, keep out of direct sunlight and under glass. Chantal Laura Handley 🖤

Art the Clown, 11.7x16.5" The Terrifier, Digital Art Print.

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All original artwork & drawings are ©Chantal Handley 2019 & may not be copied or used in any way without my permission.

Some bad juju coming your way if you don't heed my warning! ✨   TERMS & CONDITIONS    Queensland, Australia.